Click Here For Investment Advisor Exit Plan! All investment advisors have an obligation to their firm, clients and family to develop an investment advisor exit plan. Advisors who have a financial and managerial stake in a practice have an even greater need to account for their ultimate departure from their firm—whether planned or unplanned - with an acceptable exit strategy, which becomes even more critical when the firm in question has only one or two principals associated with it. The biggest questions facing these advisors, however, are where to start and what are their options.

The process of developing an investment advisor exit plan is made much easier with the assistance of the advisers at adviserXchange. One of the unique services we offer to veterans of the investment advisor industry is the development of alternative exit strategies when considering your exit and succession planning needs. We look beyond the traditional methods of exit planning, such as simply transitioning your practice to a less experienced advisor within your firm. Advisors who work with us open the door to new possibilities in the planning and execution of a seamless exit.

Focus on Specific Needs for Your Investment Advisor Exit Plan at AdviserXchange

Our professionals will start the process of developing a personalized investment advisor exit plan for you by asking questions about your goals and objectives. Examples of these questions include:
  1. What is the targeted exit date for the contemplated transition event?
  2. Are you receptive to the near term sale of the practice with a continuation of employment thereafter?
  3. Would you consider part-time work after the transition event has taken place?
Your experience as an investment advisor helping a client plan for their workforce exit plan needs to apply to the development of your own exit plan. Accordingly, a good plan will cover the unplanned events, such as sudden death or disability, as well. The plans available though us can also result in a reduction in administrative duties for the affected advisor. So, when you're ready to develop your exit plan, give us a call to go over the various options that are available to you.