Click Here For Investment Advisor For Sale! There are times when an investment advisor reaches a plateau and finds it necessary to expand his or her practice by seeking out and acquiring an investment advisor that's for sale. The success of your practice over the years means that you have the infrastructure and financial wherewithal needed to buy an investment advisor, but you probably don't have time to find one. Thus, the barrier between you and your expanded practice is the ability to locate qualified acquisition candidates.

As a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) adviser who specializes in transitioning investment advisors, adviserXchange can take an active role in your search by helping you find the investment advisor for sale that best meets your search criteria. That is, we can assist you by making you aware of potential acquisition candidates based on location, assets under management and other criteria that you establish in order to find the optimal candidates. As a result, you don't waste time looking at firms that don't fit your ideal target.

Utilize the Services of AdviserXchange to Find an Investment Advisor For Sale

Investment advisors can find an investment advisor for sale through adviserXchange in two ways: 1) through our Practice Exchange, our basic listing and referral service, and 2) by utilizing our comprehensive advisory services, which can include assistance with the following key activities as well:
  1. Identifying and contacting potential acquisition candidates
  2. Reviewing and analyzing the data received from the targeted firms
  3. Determining a potential valuation range for the most ideal candidates
We can also help buyers who are looking to buy an investment advisor that's for sale by dealing with other issues associated with the sale process. Many of these issues, including due diligence and documentation matters, can be addressed with our help after you've reached an agreement with the seller of the practice to help ensure a successful closing. Call us or submit your information online so we can begin the process of helping you seek out an investment advisor for sale today.