Utilize Our Buy-Side Advisory Services to Buy a Practice

adviserXchange offers buy-side advisory services to financial advisors who are looking to buy an investment or financial advisory practice with assistance and support from an M&A adviser.

When you utilize our buy-side advisory services, we will help you set attainable objectives for the proposed purchase transaction and determine the most effective strategies to realize those objectives.

The scope of our buy-side advisory services will normally also provide for our assistance with the following key activities:
  • Identification of potential acquisition candidates
  • Preliminary analysis of data received from such candidates
  • Determination of potential valuation range of the candidates' practices
  • Assistance with evaluating deal structure and other key terms
  • Guidance on due diligence and closing matters
Regardless of our availability for buy-side advisory engagements, you should have your buyer profile and objectives on file with us so that we can contact you whenever relevant candidate opportunities arise.

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