As a Buyer of Advisory Practices, Would You Like to Get First Opportunity On 'Local' Practices?

In an environment where buyer to seller ratios can be quite high, wouldn't it be helpful to get the first opportunity at investment and financial advisory practices that come up for sale wherever they may be? Since buyers most often prefer to acquire practices in their trade area, wouldn't it be even better to get the first opportunity on those practices? If these are your objectives, you will want to consider our Buyer Exclusivity Program.

By adding our Buyer Exclusivity Program to your adviserXchange buy-side consulting engagement, you will be given the first look at the practice opportunities that we identify in your chosen market. As a participant in the program, you will also be given an opportunity to pursue practice opportunities that come up in areas outside of your chosen market before they are made available to the firm's buy-side clients who are not in the program.

Let Us Know Which Area of the Country You Would Like to Target

The monthly retainer and consulting fee for the Buyer Exclusivity Program starts out at $750 per month with a 1-year commitment (actual pricing is based on the targeted geographic region and level of activity). Key benefits include:
  • First opportunity on buy-side practices we identify in your chosen area
  • Opportunity to pursue practices outside of your area before non-participants
  • Portion of program fees applied to advisory fees when transaction consummated
  • Access to one-on-one guidance intended to help participants with their objectives
  • Program includes both broad based and targeted marketing activities intended to help identify practice opportunities for participants (i.e., create deal flow)
To learn more and begin the process of obtaining your first opportunity at practices that come up for sale in your targeted market, request a complementary consultation with one or our representatives by emailing your request to: Upon receipt, we will follow up with you in 1 to 2 business days.