When You’re Ready to Buy, Sell or Transition a Financial Practice

This section is for financial advisors who want to learn more about the process we go through when helping you buy or sell a financial advisory practice--or otherwise transition it to new owners.

After you make initial contact with us, we'll set up a confidential consultation between you and one of our merger and acquisition  (M&A) professionals. At this meeting, we'll get to know you, your existing practice and your goals and objectives. Of course, we'll also answer any additional questions you have about our services and let you know what to expect throughout the process. And you'll learn the benefits of using an industry focused M&A adviser when buying or selling a financial advisory practice.

Then if you decide to engage us, we'll ask you to provide the appropriate documentation and other information needed from you so we can immediately start taking concrete actions on your behalf to help you reach your stated goals and objectives.

How Do I Get Started?

We usually begin the consultation phase by having you first complete and submit one of the forms listed below. In addition to your contact information, these forms ask for some general information on your existing financial advisory practice and your key objectives as a buyer or seller of an investment practice or an investment advisor exit / succession plan candidate--all of which helps facilitate our discussion during the initial consultation: If you'd like more information on our process prior to getting started, please contact us. We'll walk you through it and answer any additional questions you may have about our services.