Meet All Your Objectives With Our M&A Consulting Services

Whether you need a lot of guidance or just a little when you go to buy or sell a financial advisory practice, adviserXchange will work with you to streamline the transition process via our M&A consulting services.

By having an experienced, industry-focused M&A consulting services adviser on your side, it can make all the difference in the world between a successful, satisfying outcome and a stressful, confusing transaction.

M&A Consulting Services We Offer

Buy-Side Advisory
Through our buy-side advisory services, our primary objective is to help you identify an investment or financial advisory practice that meets your specified criteria and provide guidance throughout the process. Learn more here.

Sell-Side Advisory
Our sell-side advisory services take a proactive approach to selling your investment or financial advisory practice from start to finish by helping you fine tune your objectives, determine the potential valuation range of your practice and identify qualified and compatible buyer candidates. Learn more here.

Exit / Succession Planning
As a financial advisor thinking about retirement or some other transition event, we can help you develop and execute an exit / succession plan for your investment or financial advisory practice that meets your time frame. Learn more here.

Not sure which of these M&A consulting services best meet your needs? Contact us and we'll help you make that determination.

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