What is Your Practice Worth in Today’s Marketplace?

Do you know what your investment or financial advisory practice is worth in the open marketplace? As a potential seller of a practice, you need to have a basic understanding of how your practice will be viewed and valued by active buyers before you go to sell it. Otherwise, your expectations and the realities of the marketplace may be significantly different.

adviserXchange offers valuation consulting services that are intended to answer your questions about the valuation of an advisory practice in the open marketplace. We also help potential sellers gain a better understanding of the current M&A landscape and learn how advisory practices are viewed in the marketplace so they can potentially enhance the value of their practice when they do go to sell.

Determine the Valuation Range of Your Practice Before Going to Market

As part of this service, we will prepare and provide you with an estimate of the potential valuation range for your practice in the open marketplace (or, in the case of a buyer, the practice you are attempting to acquire). We will also provide you with an overview of and guidance on 'typical deal structure' to help prepare you for what to expect from interested buyers.

If you are in need of determining the valuation range of your practice in today's marketplace, click on the PayPal link below to start the process.
Practice Valuation
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